October 6th, 2013


a video tribute to President Bacco

A YouTube user with the handle of "Section31Captain" has created a nifty little video tribute to the character of President Nanietta Bacco. I created Bacco in my Star Trek novel A Time for War, a Time for Peace, in which she ran for and won the office of President of the Federation, which, by the way, was the first time a female Federation president was seen in a work of Trek fiction in screen, prose, or comics form. She was the main character in Articles of the Federation, which chronicled her first year in office, and she also appeared in David Mack's Destiny trilogy, my own A Singular Destiny, and a dozen more novels before her most recent appearance in The Fall: Revelations and Dust by David R. George III -- which is SPOILED by this video, so consider yourself warned.......

Bacco was created as a tribute to my late great grandmother, Grazia DeBacco, who died in 2003 at the age of 98. She was very dear to me, and the character of Bacco was also dear to me, and the fact that the two Davids, as well as Christopher L. Bennett, Una McCormack, Dayton Ward, and William Leisner have all used President Bacco in their fiction is incredibly flattering and touching and means a lot to me.
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