October 15th, 2013


Tuesday's dead

Had a nice quiet day yesterday to recover from NYCC, which was necessary, as this week is jam packed with stuff. Today I do the second-season overview of DS9 for the rewatch, and I also have to start "Fish Out of Water," a new Cassie Zukav story for the anthology Out of Tune, and also get back to the dojo for the first time in waaaaay too long.

Tomorrow, I get to play tour guide for Elizabeth Donald, who's in town for her Furlough Tour, which will include a reading/signing at Singularity & Co. in Brooklyn Wednesday night at 7pm.

Thursday night at 7pm I'm giving a talk for the South Jersey Writers Group on the realities of writing and publishing, which will be held at the Howard Johnson at 341 South Black Horse Pike in Bellmawr, New Jersey, just off I-295.

Friday night and Sunday morning, I'll be helping out with a black-belt promotion at the dojo. We have a third-degree going for his sensei, which is wonderful. We've only had two other senseis in our dojo, but one is our Shihan, who was a sensei when he opened the dojo 20 years ago, but has since been promoted twice, and the other has gone off to open his own affiliated dojo -- so he'll be the only one, which is wonderful. He's really earned it, too, as he's one of the best people we have in the dojo (in the sense of being a karateka and also in the sense of being a great person). Plus, there's also a second-degree going for his sandan, a first-degree going for her nidan, and a teenaged advanced brown belt going for her junior shodan. The latter two are also important to me, as the former is a friend, and the latter is a kid I've been mentoring quite a bit in the dojo, so to see them advance means a great deal.

Thursday day and Friday day and Saturday I get to write. A lot. Besides "Fish Out of Water," I also have to revise the Firefly RPG (got notes last night). And then once those are off my plate, I get to dive thoroughly into the movie novelization I've been hired to write. Wheeeeee!
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