October 18th, 2013



Today I wrote tomorrow's DS9 Rewatch for "The Search, Part I." Tonight I spoke at the South Jersey Writers Group in Bellmawr, New Jersey, which went swimmingly. Then after I got home I started on the next Cassie Zukav story, "Fish Out of Water," which I'm writing for Jonathan Maberry's OUT OF TUNE anthology.

I wrote 1000 words of the story. Me am pleased. Now to bed....
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Wrote another 1780 words of "Fish Out of Water" this morning, in addition to the 1000 I wrote last night. Me am happy author. The story, which will be in Jonathan Maberry's Out of Tune anthology next spring, is now at 2780 words and going strong.

Here's an excerpt from the story so far:
"Last radio contact was at 1100 hours. Said they saw a mermaid."

I chuckled. "Well, last time they said it was the Loch Ness Monster, so at least they're getting more local."

"I'm thinking they restocked the MJ I confiscated last weekend."

"Yeah." I tried to sound casual and dismissive, but considering I numbered among my close friends and acquaintances the ghost of a wrecker captain, an immortal, and four Norse gods, I really wasn't in any position to poo-poo someone who said they sighted a mermaid. Or Nessie, if it comes to that.

On the other hand, they had been smoking some truly excellent weed, from what I heard. Imported from British Columbia, allegedly, though I didn't share that with Michaels.
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ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "The Search, Part I"

It's a new sesason, with a new bad guy (the Dominion), a new status quo (afraid of the Dominion), new combadges (from Star Trek Generations), a new ship (the Defiant), some new characters (T'Rul, the female changeling, Eddington), and a new revelation (Odo goes home). The DS9 Rewatch commences "The Search, Part I."

An excerpt:
Kira asks Sisko what Starfleet’s problem is with Odo, as if that wasn’t self-evident. But Kira only cares about his results, not his process—Starfleet, however, has been trying to get Sisko to replace Odo for two years, because he doesn’t follow procedure, he isn’t a team player, and he barely acknowledges the chain of command. Sisko wants Odo to stay, but the constable has to want to.
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