October 19th, 2013

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that was the week that was

I slept until 11am today, and boy howdy did I need it....

After spending Monday dead for tax purposes to recover from New York Comic-Con, I had to get back on the horse on Tuesday, first doing the rewatch, then going to the dojo for the first time in over a week to help with the two kids' classes and attend the color-belt class and fighting class. All were excellent.

Then we welcomed the hard-travellin' Elizabeth Donald for the New York stop of her furlough tour. She wanted to see all of New York City in a day, so we took her to the top of the Empire State Building so she could see all of the city at once!

Then we took Elizabeth to Singularity & Co. for her signing. Along the way we took her to a great NYC pub, the Ginger Man, for lunch and to a local Jewish deli for dinner.

She buggered off Thursday morning, at which point I had to do the rewatch for Friday and then head down to Bellmawr, New Jersey for the South Jersey Writers Group meeting, which went very well: I talked about the hard realities of being a professional writer, and also sold a buncha books.

On the drive home, the beginning of "Fish Out of Water" started to coalesce in my head. So I sat at the computer intending to just get the beginning of the story down, and then it was 4am and I'd written a thousand words. I did a bunch more before having to go to the dojo to teach a private lesson, then teach the kids' sparring class, then be there to support the black belt promotion. The promotion itself went very well, though there was some yucky news afterward (nothing I want to post publicly, for various reasons, but suffice it to say it put a bit of a downer on the evening).

We have another house guest this weekend, our friend Meg who's attending the techie show at the Javits Center this weekend, and it's easier for her to crash with us for the weekend and use the relatively cheap MTA then spend outrageous LIRR fees to go back and forth from home. What with Meg, Elizabeth, Christopher Bennett (who stayed here during NYCC), and Elektra Hammond (who stayed the night of the SFWA mill 'n' swill), I feel like we're running a B&B here... *chuckle* (We have another houseguest staying here Hallowe'en week....)

Today is writing -- not just "Fish Out of Water," but revising the Firefly RPG module -- and dinner with friends, tomorrow is the final day of the black-belt promotion, which involves sparring with the candidates, and more writing. Also Sunday I'm cooking pork braised in milk, a recipe I got from the late, great Marcella Hazan.
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