October 21st, 2013

Mad Men KRAD

a writeup on my talk at the South Jersey Writers Group

Last Thursday, I spoke before the South Jersey Writers Group, and one of their members did a very nice writeup of the talk. The piece also is accompanied by one of the single worst pictures of me ever taken, but that was unavoidable, as the room we were in (a meeting room in a Howard Johnsons in Bellmawr, New Jersey) was incredibly hot and humid, and I and the entire audience were all sweating like pigs about twenty minutes in. *chuckle*

An excerpt:
"The ratio is like six-gazillion to one - novels started to novels finished. Don’t worry about going back to rewrite all the time; forge ahead and finish the damn thing. It’s like your mother told you: if you keep picking at it, it’ll never heal. Get to the end; fix chapter four later."
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doctor who

Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer

It's more of a teaser than a trailer, since it doesn't show any actual clips from "The Day of the Doctor" itself, but it's a magnificent visual-feast-style look back at the show's history.

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ask away, ask away, ask away, onward....

Haven't done this in a bit, and I'd like to see some comments here on the ol' blog.

So: ask me anything! I'll answer it! (Even if the answer is "I can't answer that.") Ask ask ask!

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