October 23rd, 2013

gryphon precinct

the Gryphon Precinct cover!

There may be a few tweaks, but this is more or less what the cover to Gryphon Precinct will look like. It was designed by Mike McPhail, based on the design template by Jenn Reese.

The book should be out at the end of the year, if all goes well.
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dragon precinct

what comes after Mermaid Precinct?

Folks have asked me whether or not there'll be other "Precinct" novels after the fifth one (and sixth book in the series), Mermaid Precinct.

Dark Quest designer Mike McPhail had a thought on the subject................

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mmmmm, sauce...

I'm making a huge batch of my tomato sauce. Some of it will be used for a party tonight, more will be used next week when we have a house guest (my old buddy Megan Rothrock, who's visiting from Denmark), and there'll be more in the freezer that can be used when needed. This particular batch is about twenty pounds of tomatoes. It was only supposed to be 15 or so -- 14 pounds of plum tomatoes I got at the greenmarket in Little Italy here in the Bronx, plus another pound of tomatoes from the front-porch garden -- but the guy at the greenmarket, after Wrenn and I told him I was making sauce, starting throwing more regular tomatoes at me, free of charge, 'cause he wanted to get rid of them. (This is why it's handy to be a regular customer. :) )

So I had to boil three sets of tomatoes -- first the regular tomatoes first (they needed to be strained, as they're more watery, then the tiny ones from the garden, and then the big batch of plums -- and ran them all through the tomato press, then dumped them on the bed of olive oil and garlic. After they were all pulverized, I put in the spices -- including oregano and thyme from the garden (sadly, the basil was wiped out by the chillier weather we've had the past few days) -- brought it to a boil, and it's been simmering since midnight last night.

AND HOLY SHIT DOES IT SMELL GOOD. Seriously, my favorite smell in the whole entire world is my sauce simmering, and this batch is particularly fine.

Life is good....
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