October 25th, 2013

ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "The House of Quark"

Quark wins a bar fight, gets married, becomes the head of a Klingon House, confuses the High Council with economic reports, runs away, comes back, wins another fight (sort of), and gets divorced. As an added bonus, the writers finally remember two years later that Keiko O'Brien is a botanist! The DS9 Rewatch joins "The House of Quark."

An excerpt:
I like the fact that, on one hand, Quark exposes the artifice in the climactic scene, but on the other hand, D’Ghor didn’t exactly behave in a Klingon manner, either. The only difference between Quark and D’Ghor is that Quark isn’t pretending to be something he isn’t. Of course, what’s really hilarious is that Gowron and Grilka are disgusted by the pollution of matters of honor with something so base as money (which gives us the classic scene of Klingons staring incomprehensibly at the ledgers and accounts Quark has given them, which remains one of the ten funniest scenes in Star Trek history), but money is truly what it’s all about. They call it “lands and holdings,” but that’s just a euphemism for moolah.
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After 1000 words on Wednesday and another 4000 words today, "Fish Out of Water" is done! It's now with four beta readers (two editors and two folks to vet the seafaring stuff, which I'm sure I fucked up), and with any luck will go off to Jonathan Maberry early next week for his Out of Tune anthology.

An excerpt from today's prodigious output:
"My apologies, sweet lady." Loki bowed and almost came close to sounding like he was trying to be sincere. "I was young and foolish, and was poor at thinking through the consequences of my actions."

"And you're using the past tense, why, exactly?"
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