November 1st, 2013


reminder: Star Trek Extravaganza tomorrow night at Enigma Bookstore

On Saturday 2 November 2013, there will be a Star Trek Extravaganza at the Enigma Bookstore in Astoria, Queens, as David Mack, Aaron Rosenberg, and I will be signing and chatting and stuff with folks starting at 7pm.

Anybody who buys a copy of Dave's latest Trek novel, The Fall: A Ceremony of Losses will get a free copy of his novel Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game (the prequel to CoL).

And everybody who shows up will get an exclusive preview of my upcoming tome The Klingon Art of War. Seriously, this is new stuff you won't see anywhere else, only if you show up at Enigma tomorrow night.

So come on by!
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ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Second Skin"

Kira is a Cardassian deep-cover agent -- OR IS SHE????????????????? Plus Gregory Sierra, Lawrence Pressman, tons of Garak snark, and Odo as an old bag. The DS9 Rewatch sheds its "Second Skin."

An excerpt:
Kira gets a call from the Bajoran Central Archives. A woman there is doing a study on the Elemspur Detention Center and wants to ask Kira a few questions. Kira’s happy to help, but she was never at Elemspur. However, the archivist has a detailed record showing that Kira was detained at Elemspur for seven days—something Kira herself has no memory of.

And then the camera pans up to a woman we’ve never seen before looking on mysteriously. That isn’t foreshadowy at all!
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