November 4th, 2013

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it was twenty years ago today (ish)

This coming weekend is Philcon 2013, at which I'll be doing programming, and it marks the 20th anniversary of Philcon 1993, which has the distinction of being the first convention I ever attended as a professional in the SF/F field, as it was my first con after becoming an Associate Editor at Byron Preiss Visual Publications.

Philcon used to do an annual panel where bunches of editors would gather to discuss their jobs and such (this was back when a significant number of editors in the field considered Philcon a must-attend convention, something that hasn't been true for about a decade or so). That year, I was on that panel for the first time, as was Warren Lapine, then the editor of a new magazine called Absolute Magnitude, along with bunches of other people who were all veterans. At one point during the panel, Gardner Dozois pointed at me and Warren and said that we'd be out of the industry in a few years. He did this at every panel, and he'd been right every single year.

Of course, that year, he was 100% wrong, something Warren and I have both taken joy in reminding Gardner of. *tee hee*

Twenty years ago, I was an editor responsible for a bunch of SF/F books that would be published by a variety of publishers, all packaged by Byron. I had yet to sell my first short story, though I'd written lots of nonfiction. Twenty years later, I'm going to be an author guest at Philcon for the umpteenth time, getting my own reading and autographing slot, and my books will be on sale in the dealer room. What a long strange trip it's been..........
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