November 7th, 2013


Kaylee is missing.... (UPDATE: no longer missing!)

EDITED TO ADD: She's home! We found her! Details here.

Our little black kitten, Kaylee, is missing. She escaped the apartment at some point this afternoon, and we didn't notice she was missing until very late tonight, as she's a black cat who sometimes likes to hide. But she didn't come out to be fed, which she always does.

We thought we saw her in the yard of the house two doors down -- she responded to Wrenn when she mewed at her, which sounded like Kaylee -- but by the time we got there, there was no sign of her.

The biggest problem is that she's an all-black cat and it's dark out and our neighborhood is full of dark places to hide. We've already wandered around the block twice with no luck. We're going to try again at dawn when there's a better chance of her being seen by us.

There's a very good chance that our little girl, whom we've only had for a couple of months, is gone forever. Adding to our frustration, she wiggled out of her purple collar, so she doesn't have that as a distinguishing feature, and we hadn't gotten her chipped yet. (If we do find her, that's the first thing we're doing.)


Please be okay, little girl......
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we found her!

Kaylee has been found! She reappeared in the same spot in the yard two doors down and this time we were able to nab her and bring her home. She was frightened as all hell -- both running away from us and running toward us -- but as soon as I picked her up and Wrenn carried her home, she settled down.

We got her inside, gave her food (she hadn't eaten all day), which she wolfed down, and we got her purple collar back on her. Now we're just cuddling her a lot.

Oh, and we found her exit point: a kitten-sized hole in the screen of the bedroom window. We'll be going to Home Depot tomorrow to fix that....
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I'm not formally doing National Novel Writing Month, but I have a movie novelization due 1 December and circumstances kept me from writing it until this week. So it's a default NaNoWriMo.

I'm also behind where I should be, but the first chapter is done at 3500 words. So there's that.

I can't say yet what the movie is, as several aspects of the movie and the novelization aren't finalized yet. But I can say that Chapter 1 is fun back story I got to come up with based on some dialogue in the film and that said chapter takes place in 1993, which gave me the entertaining scene of a guy calling tech support because his modem isn't working right.
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