November 13th, 2013

ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Meridian"

Ira Steven Behr always wanted to do a Trek version of Brigadoon, and got a nasty lesson in being careful what you wish for. The DS9 Rewatch hits a low point with "Meridian."

An excerpt:
Ultimately, as with every romance-in-an-hour episode, it’s on the back of the guest actor to make it work, and Bret Cullen doesn’t pull it off. His sodden attempts at chemistry with Terry Farrell fall completely flat (tellingly, there’s more emotional depth to Dax’s single-scene talks with Bashir and later Sisko than in any single moment between Dax and Deral). His reversal in deciding to remain on Meridian is unconvincing (any society so reliant on one person is going to fail, even if they get thirty years instead of twelve days next time), and the willingness of either Deral or Dax to uproot their lives (and in the latter’s case, her very state of being) for each other is never at any point even a little bit convincing. The script tries to insist that Dax has thought it through, but Sisko’s concern that she’s buggering off to spend sixty years as a light blob with someone she’s known for a week is never properly addressed.
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review of Cold Fusion

Back in late 2000, while I was in the midst of moving out of the upper-west-side apartment I shared with my ex-wife and into the studio apartment of the building owned by my friend Glenn Hauman, I got a phone call from Marco Palmieri and John Ordover, who wanted to do a crossover between the about-to-launch post-finale Deep Space Nine novels and the new Starfleet Corps of Engineers eBook series we had just launched, and they wanted me to write it (since I was one of the writers working on the former and was the co-creator and primary editor of the latter).

That novella was the sixth eBook in the S.C.E. series, Cold Fusion, which had Nog working with the crew of the U.S.S. da Vinci.

Over on his TrekList Reviews blog, Dan Gunther has reviewed Cold Fusion. Pretty dang cool blast from the past, that....

Money quote:
Another enjoyable entry in the S.C.E. series. The tie-in to DS9 was a nice touch, and while the attitudes of the da Vinci crew towards Nog were annoying, I appreciated that they came to respect him in the end. With this story, we begin to see the hints of a larger shared continuity beyond just the Deep Space Nine relaunch series, something that I greatly come to appreciate as the prime Trek universe continues to mature in the novels beyond Star Trek Nemesis.
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nine random facts about me

There's this Facebook meme goin' 'round where someone gives you a number and you provide that number of random facts about yourself. My buddy Alicia (mac_arthur_park) tagged me with the number nine, and this is what I came up with:
    1. I have almost no DIY skills. Wrenn jokes that I'm mechanically declined.

    2. I almost never eat breakfast, though I start the day with a considerable amount of coffee.

    3. The first time I got drunk was on my fifteenth birthday. I was in Venice, Italy with my parents, and I had a great deal of red wine at Harry's Bar.

    4. I am the first native born American citizen to write official Doctor Who fiction. (Qualification needed because John Peel is a naturalized American citizen, the big stinky.) It was the short story "UNITed We Fall" in the Who anthology Decalog 3: Consequences, published by Virgin in 1996, edited by Andrew Lane and Justin Richards. It also had a short story in it by some obscure author named Steven Moffat. I always wondered what happened to him.......

    5. I never played with LEGOs as a kid (to the horror of Megan Rothrock when she visited). My grandfather worked for FAO Schwarz as a bookkeeper, so we got all our toys from there, and they didn't carry LEGO in the 1970s. Instead, I played with Stickle Stackers.

    6. I edited a short story collaboration between Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg at a time when the two weren't speaking to each other. ("The Dragon in the Bookcase" in The Ultimate Dragon, published by Dell in 1995.)

    7. With 2002's two-book series The Brave and the Bold, I was the first person to do a single Star trek story that encompassed all five TV shows.

    8. I once recently was chatting on Facebook with four people named Jennifer at the same time: Tolley, Jesia, Fremon, and Hill.

    9. Each of the three women I have lived with and at one point agreed to marry has been left-handed.
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