November 14th, 2013

doctor who

"Night of the Doctor"

The BBC has released a mini-episode of Doctor Who called "Night of the Doctor," a prequel to the upcoming 50th anniversary special "Day of the Doctor." It explains who the John Hurt Doctor from the end of "The Name of the Doctor" is.

I had a theory about John Hurt that was completely different from this. I thought he was the regeneration prior to that of William Hartnell, before he chose the name "the Doctor." Instead -- well, you'll see when you watch this seven-minute piece by Steven Moffat that also signals Paul McGann's triumphant return to the role he played only once before onscreen. (The minisode also acknowledges the eighth Doctor's Big Finish audio adventures, which is a nice touch. As is the callback to "The Brain of Morbius.")

Anyhow, here 'tis:

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