November 21st, 2013



Finished Chapter 7 of the movie novelization, bringing me to 19,649. Wanted to hit 20K, but this'll do. I need to go do tomorrow's DS9 Rewatch now.....

Parenthetical line I was proud of from today's output: "(she wasn't sure what was worse during those eight months, Mommy's silent disapproval or Daddy's incredibly loud version)"
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doctor who

Hour of the Wolf on Doctor Who featuring me!

Last night, I sat in WBAI's tiny studio with James Ryan, Carol Pinchefsky, and host Jim Freund on Hour of the Wolf to geeble about Doctor Who for three hours on the eve of its 50th anniversary. It was a far-ranging discussion that covered most of the show's history from 1963-2013, where we talked about some of our favorites, some of our least favorites, what worked and what didn't, what might be happening Saturday on "Day of the Doctor," and so on. We even find nice things to say about the 1996 film and Colin Baker!

The entire thing will remain archived on for the next two weeks. Here's Part 1 and here's Part 2. Enjoy!
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