November 23rd, 2013



Wrote about 2300 words or so on the novelization, bringing me to 22,249 altogether. Go me.

From tonight's output:
By this time, Rex had pulled the shattered remains of the BMW up to the back of Alfonso's truck, and he cut the junkyard owner off. "Okay, Alfonso, let's get a move on."

Alfonso didn't even miss a beat. "Yeah, okay." He started hooking the BMW up.

Delia gave him a relieved expression as he hopped out of the car's driver's seat. "Thank you. One more minute and I might have shot him."

"I could tell that by the look on your face, and I still need him as a resource."
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nice review of Invincible Book 2

Dan Gunther completes the cycle, having reviewed Invincible Book 1, he now sets his sights on Book 2 of this Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers story by me and David Mack.

Money quote:
At its heart, Invincible is an exploration of the character of Gomez in the face of extreme difficulty and hardship. The mystery of the shii and why it is attacking the work camp is a vexing one, and attempts to communicate or come to some sort of understanding are ultimately futile. While the search for a technological or diplomatic solution is admirable, in the end, it comes down to the use of brute force and ingenuity to overcome the threat. The story is a good examination of Gomez's character, and the solutions she improvises are certainly creative and worthy of an engineer's mind.
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