November 28th, 2013


tentative Arisia 2014 schedule

My first scheduled convention of 2014 is Arisia 2014, to be held over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in Boston. Here's my tentative schedule:

8.30-9.45pm: reading, w/Michelle D'Entremont, Alexander Feinman, and Susan Hanniford Crowley (Hale)

1-2.15pm: autographing, w/Charles E. Gannon and Don Sakers (Galleria)
4-5.15pm: "Orphan Black," w/Justin du Coeur, Gordon Linzner, Isabel Schechter, and Sarah Smith (Paine)

11.30am-12.45pm: "George R.R. Martin is Not Your Bitch," w/Tanya Huff, Toni L.P. Kelner, Kiini Ibura Salaam, and Ian Randal Strock (Burroughs)
4-5.15pm: "State of the Trek 2014," w/Bob Chipman, Morgan Crooks, Michelle D'Entremont, and Karl T. Winkler
7-8.15pm: "So You Think You Can Write a Fight?" w/Steve Balzac, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Max Gladstone, Nicole L.M. Jurkowski, Michael McAfee, and Mark Millman (Griffin)

Nothing scheduled for Monday as yet...
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stuff for what I'm thankful-like

I'm thankful for... parents, all four of them, for always being there for me no matter what.

...Wrenn, who has made my life so much better just by sharing hers with mine.

...the dojo for enriching me in ways I couldn't have imagined when my doctor told me in 2004 I needed to start exercising.

...Tina, for being wonderful.

...Laura Anne, for being the older sister I never knew I was missing until I met her 20 years ago.

...Dale, for being the world's most awesome (and also tallest) roommate.

...Neal Levin of Dark Quest Books for reviving the Dragon Precinct series in 2011, and just generally for being a good dude.

...David Mack for being a great friend and someone I'm proud to say I knew when.

...the Liars Club for being the best cabal of writers who'd have me as a member.

...John Van Citters of CBS/Paramount, Dayton Ward, Ed Schlesinger of Gallery Books, and Ben Grossblatt of becker&meyer! for giving me the opportunity to do The Klingon Art of War.

...all the wonderful people at for hosting the TNG and DS9 Rewatches, which have been so much fun to do these past few years.

...Jonathan Maberry for general awesomeness, and also for V-Wars and Out of Tune.

...Deb & Nic Grabien of Plus One Press for publishing Ragnarok and Roll.

...DVRs, On Demand, DVDs, and Netflix which enable me to keep up with TV on my schedule., both what I created with the Boogie Knights and what I listen to.

...Lucienne Diver, my agent, who rocks like a rocking thing.

...the New England Browncoats, for general magnificence.

...Jay Smith and the rest of the gang who put together HG World and its spinoffs.

...John S. Drew for three decades of friendships, geekery, and podcasting.

...Orenthal V. Hawkins for being my bro since college.

...all my dear friends: Lilly, Orenthal, Bonnie & Brian, Jack & Cat, Caitlin & Mark, Pam, Deb & Rob & Ro-Ro, Christine & Clive, Peter, Glenn & Brandy, Kara, Cici, Tara & Brad, Diane, Mae, Aaron & Jen & the howlers, Chef Dave, Ian, Lisa, Karen & Doug, Heidi, Alicia, Jessica, Arwen & Peter, Pete & Ty, Dennis & Kat, Em & De & Cora & Myria, Karen & Denis, Dani & Mike, Christine, Shannon, Michael & Nomi, SM, Natalie, Michele, Adrienne, Megan, Meggie, Meg, and ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE I'M FORGETTING WHOM I'M SORRY I DIDN'T LIST!
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it's noon, it's Thanksgiving, it's "Alice"...

As must always be the case, it's noon on Thanksgiving, so there must be "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" by Arlo Guthrie. This version has some nifty illustrations by Andrew Colunga.

"You can get anything you want....."

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    "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" by Arlo Guthrie