December 21st, 2013

the wire

so apparently, we got a parking ticket

wrenn got a notice in the mail that we never paid a parking ticket. A ticket we never got. Apparently in late November, we once parked eight feet from a fire hydrant. Neither of us remembers doing this and neither of us ever remembers parking as close as eight feet to the fire hydrant in question (we even went out and measured to be sure).

Sadly, since we never got the fershlugginer ticket (maybe it was poorly secured by the cop, maybe it fell off the car some other way) on the day it happened, we didn't take any pictures to prove we weren't that close, and it was a fucking month ago. Neither of us even remembers for sure if we parked there that day (though it's a spot we've used any number of times...). So we have no recourse but to pay the ticket. (Seriously, there's no real good way out of it under this particular circumstance. Wrenn researched this pretty thoroughly....)

Luckily, I have the best friends and readers in the world. Seriously. Within twenty minutes of bitching about this on Facebook and asking for people to buy my books to help pay for this thing, we got enough in to cover the ticket. So at least that's one load off our minds, but the whole thing is still really annoying.................
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ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Distant Voices"

For his 30th birthday, Bashir gets mentally tortured by an alien who makes him experience unconvincing rapid aging, has him snark with Garak, and pelts him with tennis balls over and over again. Y'know, the usual. The DS9 Rewatch hears "Distant Voices."

An excerpt:
On top of that, there isn’t really enough story for an entire hour here, but nowhere to really stick a B-plot, since the entire episode save for the teaser and the last few minutes take place entirely in Bashir’s head. This results in several scenes that go on too long, like the Garak-Bashir tennis match that doesn’t end until long after its point has been made, or Bashir finding Tarkalian tea leaking out of a replicator for no compellingly good reason, or O’Brien, Kira, Odo, and Dax endlessly complaining about how they can’t possibly be avatars of Bashir’s mind, or watching elderly Bashir with his broken hip crawl all over Ops having tennis balls fall on his head (which is funny the first time, especially with Garak’s beautifully timed response, “This station is in worse shape than we thought,” not so much the second time). And Altovar is nowhere as an antagonist, just a mean guy who’s associated with Quark, completely undifferentiated from any other mean guy who’s associated with Quark. His motivations for attacking Bashir aren’t really all that clear, either. I mean, fine, he wouldn’t sell him the incredibly illegal biomimetic gel, which Quark warned him ahead of time would happen. For this, he tries to kill the guy? And badly, since a) it doesn’t work and b) he’s caught two seconds later.
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OCLT, crazed writer, dark forces, ellie, command & conquer


Have now written 5000 words of the mystery novel, bringing me to the beginning of Chapter 2.

This is something I'm writing under a pseudonym, so details will, of necessity, be pretty much nonexistent. I can't explain why I'm writing under a pseudonym because, if I could, I wouldn't need to write it under a pseudonym. (Confused yet?)

Anyhow -- it's coming along well. I am happy. Now I'm going to bed.....
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