December 24th, 2013



Because why should Merry have all the--

Fuck, I need a new joke.

Anyhow, it's Christmas Eve, which means that there will be festivizing at my parents' house, just as we have done every year since 1977 (the year after my grandfather died, signalling an end to my grandmother hosting it). Then on Wednesday, we'll hie ourselves to eastern Pennsylvania to do Christmas Day with Wrenn's family.

We've spent the last several days doing prep for the holiday season, as well as our upcoming Twelfth Night party. For the former, Wrenn has been madly crocheting and baking, as some of our gifts are of the homemade variety (a necessity in these hard economic times), we also did a full day of shopping on Friday, and also some work on both the garage and the library over the weekend. In addition, the invites for the party went out (if you didn't get one and think you should have, e-mail me at krad at whysper dot net).

Sunday night and Monday was spent getting a bit ahead of myself on the DS9 Rewatch so that stuff will be ready to go up today, Friday, and next Tuesday while the offices are closed, plus helping my parents run an errand up to Mahopac, New York, and some last-minute shopping.

Now, though, the presents are wrapped, the goods are baked, the crocheting is mostly done (the stuff that isn't is for people whom we won't see until either a) tomorrow or b) next week), and all is right with the world. We're heading out in about 90 minutes to pick up my uncle (his son usually drives him, but he's spending Christmas with his girlfriend this year, and my other uncle spends odd-numbered Christmases with his wife's family, so I volunteered to drive him), and then there will be the traditional Italian appetizers, chicken soup, lasagna, baked goods and chocolate for dessert, and, of course, lotsa booze. And presents!

What do y'all have planned for the next couple of days? (If anything....)
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