January 23rd, 2014

war peace

a nice look back at A Time for War, a Time for Peace at Tor.com

Ellen Cheeseman-Meyer has a very nice piece on Tor.com about my 2004 Star Trek novel A Time for War, a Time for Peace.

Money quote:
The characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation spend roughly half of their waking hours working together in the same room. Periodically, they all leave that room, where they were working, and go sit in another room, to talk about their work. They sit in a conference room a few feet from their actual workplace, without muffins or eye-rolling or obvious personal animosity, and solve problems. Facing a performance audit, they simply plan to put their best foot forward. No one talks about performance metrics, best practices, or implementation rubrics. They are delightfully free from jargon and bullshit. Perhaps because the elimination of these streamlines a lot of future business, an intergalactic presidential election only takes a month. The crew of the Enterprise also enjoys delightfully futuristic wedding planning, which focuses entirely on how to make everyone happy since money is not a consideration. It’s difficult and traumatic anyway, but as a person who once broke down in tears because there were mushrooms on a proposed catering menu, I don’t see how you can avoid that.
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