January 29th, 2014

dragon precinct

new Kickstarter: Gan Brightblade vs. Mitos the Mighty--a Dragon Precinct tale

I've started up a new Kickstarter for another story in the Dragon Precinct universe of Flingaria. I'll let my own words on the KS site itself speak for me:
In my 2004 novel Dragon Precinct (reissued in 2011), I inverted the traditional fantasy narrative by having the band of heroes going off on a quest be, not the protagonists, but the victims of a murderer. Before the novel ends, four members of the party are killed before the detectives of Cliff's End Castle Guard (the actual protagonists of the book and its sequels) find the perpetrator.

In the 2013 collection Tales from Dragon Precinct, the story "Heroes Welcome" tells of one of the adventures of the human hero Gan Brightblade, the elven wizard Olthar lothSirhans, the dwarven soldier Ubarlig, the Temisan priest Genero of Velessa, the barbarian Bogg, and the halfling grifters Mari and Nari.

But there are plenty more adventures of Gan and the gang to be chronicled. They are, after all, heroes of Flingaria, their exploits told in song and story.

This Kickstarter is a chance for you to read one of those stories. "Heroes Welcome" mentioned a great battle Gan and his friends fought against the evil wizard Mitos the Mighty in the Forest of Nimvale, and if I make my goal, I will write that story.

To date, all the stories of Flingaria have involved the Cliff's End Castle Guard. This is a chance to see if folks want to see more beyond Torin and Danthres and the rest, and I figured I'd start with the very first person we ever met in this world from page one of Dragon Precinct, Gan Brightblade (and his comrades).

If you contribute just $2, you get the story, which is, I think, a good deal. This is a world that has given us four novels (with a fifth to come) and ten short stories. I think it's time to see what else Flingaria has to offer. And, of course, if you contribute more, there are plenty of spiffy rewards. So please support more Flingaria stories!

And here's the video I recorded to go with it:
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midweek music: "Guantanamera"

A Jose Marti song that Pete Seeger made famous, as performed in the 1960s and again in the 1990s, the latter with his grandson Tao Rodriguez-Seeger:

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dragon precinct

ruminations on a Kickstarter one day in

So we're 26 hours into my Kickstarter for a Dragon Precinct story about Gan Brightblade and his friends, and I'm 61% funded, which is very nice. This leads me to thinking about how the story's gonna be structured. I'm leaning toward doing it in a way that I freely admit is not unique, but it's a structure that I think is well suited to the story of one of Gan Brightblade's greatest victories in the annals of Flingaria.

Many thanks to the 47 people who've supported me so far!
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