January 30th, 2014


me, Dave Mack, Ginjer Buchanan, and Cici James on writing tie-ins on 26 February

As part of Housing Works Books' "Geek Week," I will be joined by fellow tie-in novelist David Mack, editor Ginjer Buchanan, and moderator Cici James of Singularity & Co. for an in-depth discussion on the ins and outs and ups and downs of writing licensed fiction.

Among us, Dave, Ginjer, and I have logged a lifetime in the tie-in world, and we've got lots of nifty books to show for it -- some award winners, some best-sellers, some duds we'd rather forget -- and from 7-8.30pm on Wednesday 26 February, Cici will be talking about all of them with the three of us. The event is free, so come check it out!

(Housing Works is also a nifty volunteer-run bookstore/café that sells books for charity, so please feel free to bring donations.)
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