May 18th, 2014

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my Sunday feeling

Yesterday was a good day. It started at 6am when I went over to take care of Laura Anne's cats. (One of her cats is diabetic, and needs an insulin shot every twelve hours. As a veteran of diabetic cats (both Mittens and Marcus were diabetic), I'm one of the people she calls on if she's out of the house at the appointed time, since she lives a few blocks from us. (Thanks to living with me, Wrenn is now also skilled in the ways of insulin shooting, so she took care of them while I was in Massachusetts.)

After that I slept for two hours before heading over to the dojo. This week is our dojo's spring camp, which I went to in 2010, 2011, and 2013, but couldn't afford to attend this year (and I'd already scheduled the Enigma Bookstore signing when I learned the dates of spring camp in any event), so Senpai Cliff and I taught the kids class while Shihan was off with the spring campers. The classes went superbly, with the advanced four-and-five-year-olds and the older kids beginners being particularly strong.

Laura Anne is travelling with her friend (and ours) Christine, and while her cat doesn't need the same level of care, she does need to be checked on, so I did that Saturday afternoon after karate, had some lunch, and then went to Laura Anne's for the 6pm feeding-and-shooting, then hied myself to the Enigma Bookstore.

I gotta say how much I appreciate the two local stores where I did signings the past two weeks. Singularity & Co. in Brooklyn and Enigma in Queens are both wonderful stores, perfect for events, and a great place to just wander around and shop.

Last night, David Mack, Aaron Rosenberg, and I did an event. I read the Ninth Precept from The Klingon Art of War, and then the three of us took very good questions from the audience. I'm also pleased to say that the store sold all the copies of KAOW that they had for the signing. Go me!

Afterward, Wrenn and I had a lovely dinner at the Neptune Diner with Michael Frost and Amanda Cornwell, the former an organizer of both I-Con and LI-Con, the latter a friend who took Laura Anne's and my writing class a few months back. We stayed chatting for hours before finally heading home.

Today is a quiet day of editing, prepping for a solid week of rewatching in honor of "Trials and Tribble-ations," and picking up Laura Anne and Christine at LaGuardia. This week's tasks are to do that rewatch, finish that edit, and start the Kickstarter story at last.
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Scooter update

I realized after Michael Frost mentioned it at dinner last night that I haven't updated folks on Scooter.

Basically, he's doing great. He's on anti-inflammatories that are helping with his arthritis, and it's having a cascade effect on his entire being, as he's much more active and happy. His stamina is less than it was, but he's prancing more and playing with the cats more and wanting to go out more, especially now that the weather's turned. There are still occasional issues, but it's all to be expected from a dog who's 14. He's mostly doing fantastic, the old fart.....
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