May 21st, 2014

ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: Tribbles Week Redux: "Flashback"

Tribbles Week Redux comes to a conclusion with DS9's sister show Voyager's tribute to Trek's 30th anniversary, as George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney, Jeremy Roberts, Boris Lee Krutonog, and Michael Ansara get the Excelsior band back together for "Flashback."

An excerpt:
George Takei has some good moments where he justifies his not following orders to Tuvok, though that too is a missed opportunity. There was a line in the script of Star Trek VI that was in both the novelization by J.M. Dillard and the comic book adaptation by Peter David that was one of the best lines in the script, and sadly got cut. Sulu says that he always hoped that if he was ever given the choice between betraying his friends and betraying his country that he’d have the guts to betray his country. I remember when I watched this episode in 1996, I was waiting for them to use the line, and was disappointed that Brannon Braga failed to do so. It would’ve been the perfect thing to say to Tuvok when he objected to Excelsior’s course of action.
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dragon precinct

nice review of Dragon Precinct

On "The Irresponsible Reader" blog, HC Newton provides a nice little review of Dragon Precinct, giving it three of five stars.

Money quote:
Not the greatest fantasy novel I’ve read in the last few months–but such a fun one, I hated for it to end. The detectives (and most of the supporting cast) were a lotta fun, and I could spend a lot more time with them, just bantering at the tavern after their shifts, much less working their cases.

Luckily, there are bunches more novels and short stories, huh?
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V-Wars the TV show!

What started as an anthology edited by Jonathan Maberry with stories by me, Jonathan, and a bunch of other cool folks, and continued as a comic book written by Jonathan, is now being developed as a TV series by Tim Schlattmann of Dexter and Smallville fame. Yup, V-Wars is being developed as a TV series! Check out the press release....

I have no idea what this will mean in the long-term -- and neither does anyone else, since the pilot has to be written and shot and the series has to be sold -- but the notion that a world I helped build will be turned into a TV series is very appealing....
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