October 30th, 2014


my HonorCon schedule

I've been awash in getting this movie novelization done, so I've been dilatory about posting my schedule for HonorCon this weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. Wrenn and I are flying down today. I'm one of the three author guests, along with David Weber (in whose honor this con started, as the Honor of the title is his character Honor Harrington) and Timothy Zahn.

Here's my schedule:

3-4pm: "The Business of Writing" (Room F&G)

9-10am: "Visions of the Multiverse: 3 Perspectives of Our Future," with David Weber & Timothy Zahn (Room F&G)
3-4pm: "Stories of the Oddest Things in Editing," with Wrenn Simms (Room F&G)
4-5pm: "Practical Self-Defense" (Room A)

11am-12pm: "Tie-in Fiction" (Room F&G)

I believe I will also have a table at which I'll be selling books during some of the weekend. Hope to see folks there!
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down and safe

We have arrived safely in Raleigh, North Carolina for HonorCon. Our flight went smoothly, I got more writing done (and some napping), and Wrenn and I got picked up and brought to the hotel and checked in with nary a problem. After a quick dinner at the bar 'n' grill in the hotel, I'm now back to slaving over the novelization while Wrenn is off socializing.

I also got good news about a tie-in novel project -- the licensor approved it! Waiting for the okay from the editor to announce specifics.
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