November 5th, 2015


I never could get the hang of Thursdays

Yesterday was a busy day of festivizing. It was my father's 69th birthday, and the Forebearance, the Godmommy, and Wrenn and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in Little Italy. We had a lovely time -- I had Fettucine Alfredo and my mother had some of the best veal scaloppine I've ever tasted -- plus there was prosciutto and melon for an appetizer.

That evening was the annual black belt dinner, held at a local restaurant. About 27 of our black belts were present, which is most of them. The dinner was a buffet, plus an open bar (I stuck with red wine, as the beer choices were not great), which was quite yummy. The main point, though, was the camaraderie. And also a chance for us all to dress up and be in each others' company outside the dojo. I gotta say, we clean up real good:

Me all dressed up and stuff.

The cake.

Standing, l.-r.: Senpai Pablo, Senpai Anthony, Senpai Dylan, Senpai Justin, Sensei Gustavo, Senpai Sebastian, Senpai Rey, Senpai Jorge, Shihan Paul, me, Senpai Michael, Senpai Joel, Senpai Stephen, Senpai Charles, Senpai Harley, Senpai Richard, and Senpai Ryon.
Seated, l.-r.: Senpai Ashley, Senpai Talia, Senpai Olga, Senpai Christina, Senpai Lucy, Senpai Karen, Senpai Dorian, Senpai Dayana, Senpai Danni, and Senpai Liza.

Today is the Bat-rewatch, then I'm heading down to D.C. to visit folks. The train trip should allow for lotsa work to get done on Book 2 of the trilogy........
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only ten hours left for the Monsters Story Bundle!

As I type this blog entry, there are only ten hours left to get the Monsters Story Bundle, which includes twelve fantastic tales of monstery goodness. You name the price, and choose where the money goes to.

They include:
    The Love-Haight Case Files by Jean Rabe & Donald J. Bingle (read more about this story)
    Jurassic Dead by David Sakmyster & Rick Chesler
    Pack Dynamics by Julie Frost
    Working Stiff by Kevin J. Anderson
    Empty Rooms by Jeffrey J. Mariotte (read more about this story)
    Cayo Hueso: A Tale of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet by Keith R.A. DeCandido (read more about this story)
    For This is Hell by Aaron Rosenberg & Steven Savile
    Enter the Janitor by Josh Vogt (read more about this story)
    The Wolf at the End of the World by Douglas Smith
    Monster Academy by Matt Forbeck
    Helmet Head by Mike Baron
    Mammoth Dawn by Kevin J. Anderson & Gregory Benford

Very little time left, though, so hop to it!
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