November 15th, 2015


my Sunday feeling

Been a busy weekend. Our friend Laura is up to visit from Atlanta. She flew in Thursday night and is leaving Sunday afternoon (today as most of you read this, tomorrow as I write it). Since she was here for three dinners, she got one meal each cooked by each of us. Wrenn made a kielbasa stir fry on Thursday night, I made breaded chicken cutlets on Friday night, and Dale made meatloaf on Saturday night -- all yummy, of course. You don't stay in our house without being well fed....

Friday, Laura and Wrenn had a spa day, getting a manicure and a pedicure, and then Laura watched me teach my kids sparring class. Laura teaches special-needs kids, and she enjoys watching other people work with kids.

Saturday was hugely busy. Shihan is on vacation, so I had to teach the four kids classes from 9.30-1, then Laura and Wrenn joined me for lunch with my friend Rosa, who's also in from out of town. We had a fantastic lunch at a superb local diner, and then we took Laura to the Cloisters, where she'd never been.

After we came home to dinner, we went back out again, this time to see my friend Lilly perform as part of Village Playback Theatre, a kind of therapeutic audience-participation improv troupe. (Find out more about them here. They're really wonderful.) Lilly's parents were there, too, and we sat next to them. It was wonderful.

I'm amazed I'm still awake. I snuck a nap in earlier, but still, it's been a full few days. (I got in a bunch of writing while Laura and Wrenn were getting their mani-pedi, at least.) Should crash soon....

One more thing -- Laura took a bunch of pictures! Here are three of them................

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