November 27th, 2015

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My friend Janna is doing a meme whereby you explain your LJ userpics. This is the sort of thing that was a lot more common when more people were using LJ, and it's kinda fun to do it again. Janna specifically asked me about these six icons and ask the origin/meaning of them:

Rygel: This was one of the first icons I created when I started doing the Farscape comic in 2008. This particular image of Dominar Rygel XVI is from the very first issue of the very first Farscape miniseries that Rockne S. O'Bannon and I co-wrote, which was about Rygel finally returning home to Hyneria to reclaim his throne. The art is by Tommy Patterson.

William Shakespeare: I first started using this icon when I used to post stuff from a page-a-day calendar on this blog every day. One year it was Shakespearean insults, and in general I've continued to use this image of whenever I discuss matters relating to the Bard.

The Face of Bob: When his son Robbie was suffering from the leukemia that eventually, and tragically, took his life at the too-fucking-young age of 20, Bob Greenberger was unable to attend a lot of the conventions he usually went to in order to be by his son's side in his illness. For those occasions, the Face of Bob was created, which was a life-size image of Bob's face, which served as his proxy at Farpoint, Shore Leave, and elsewhere.

King Julien: I've always been fond of King Julien, the lemur monarch from the Madagascar films, as voiced by the great Sacha Baron Cohen. It derives in part from my general fondness for lemurs....

Kung Fu Panda: I scripted an eight-page Kung Fu Panda comic called "Contest of Chompions" for Ape Entertainment. I'll be honest with you, while the story was completed (the art was quite good) and approved, I have no idea if it was ever actually published or not. I really did enjoy doing it, though, as I'm a huge KFP fan, and I hope some day the opportunity to do more work in that universe presents itself.

The Liar's Club: This is a Philadelphia-based cabal of writers that accepted me as a member in 2011. Not all the members are from Philly (at least not anymore), and I've been very proud to do lots of events, not to mention one anthology (Liar Liar) with them.
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