November 28th, 2015


talkin' Trek on Geek's Guide to the Galaxy

Host David Kirtley of Geek's Guide to the Galaxy talks with me, anthologist John Joseph Adams, and filmmaker Rafael Jordan about the possibilities of the upcoming Star Trek series. It was a wide-ranging discussion, covering all kinds of things.

Here's one of my quotes, on the subject of diversity (which we discussed quite a bit):
I would like some real genuine thought going into the casting in making it look like it’s a cast of people—the humans, at least—who come from a united Earth. To not automatically default to the whitewashed stereotype. It’s supposed to be a united Earth, where the Asian population is considerably higher than the Caucasian population, and maybe reflect that, reflect that there are people with brown skin in the world, and have more of them in prominent roles. ... One of the things that Star Trek has always been good for is showing a future where you don’t have to be a white guy in order to be successful.
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