September 4th, 2016

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I will be at Intervention 7 in two weeks (and not at Dragon Con or Star Trek Mission New York

This is leaving it late, but I was scheduled to be on a panel at Star Trek Mission New York at the Javits Center today, but I can't do it. I don't have the mental or physical energy for a convention this weekend. I barely have the mental or physical energy to lift my coffee mug. So that's two conventions the move has fucked me for -- I had to cancel Dragon Con, then I thought I could do Mission NY, but I can't do that, either, as the move took longer than planned. Sigh.

However, while the move taketh away, the move also giveth. The move forced us to cancel our wedding, but that means we're actually free the weekend of the 16th of September, which means I'll be attending Intervention 7 as a guest! I'll have a table where I'll be signing and selling books, and I'm also doing a bunch of panels:

3-4pm: "Write-O-Rama: Quantity leads to Quality!" w/Meg Eden, John Peel, and Michelle Stengel (Panels Room 2)
4-5pm: "Writing Unique Heroes and Memorable Villains," w/Rob Balder and Michael Terracciano (Panels Room 2)

12-1pm: "Expanded Worlds of Trek," w/John Peel and Joe Wos (Panels Room 1)
5-6pm: "Farscape," w/Ann White and John White (Panels Room 1)
6-7pm: "Publishing Genre Fiction Novels," w/Meg Eden, John Peel, and James Suriano (Panels Room 1)

9-10am: "Author Spotlight: Keith R.A. DeCandido" (Panels Room 1)
11am-noon: "Writing and Creating Three Dimensional Characters," w/Rob Balder, Shaenon Garrity, Tim Johnson, and John Peel (Panels Room 2)
12-1pm: "Star Trek: The Next Generation: 29 Years Later," w/Matt Blum and David Gerrold (Panels Room 2)

The problem with being a last-minute add-on is that they can only squeeze your author spotlight in at 9am Sunday. I sure hope folks show up. (My plan is to do a reading, likely from one of the upcoming Super City Cops novellas.)
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