October 5th, 2016

NYY, melky

postseason baseball thoughts

I've long since given up predicting how baseball's postseason will go, because it's a total crapshoot. The World Series isn't a contest between the two best teams in the two leagues because the leagues got too big for that. Now it's whichever two teams survive a bunch of short-series contests.

Or, in the case of the new, unimproved wild card, one game, where two mediocre teams compete for the chance to luck into a World Series title.

Anyhow, here's who I'm rooting for:

Wild Card
Baltimore-Toronto. Well, Toronto won, but I was rooting for Baltimore. Not an easy choice, but I have more friends who are O's fans, and also the Blue Jays acted like assholes in the last series against the Yankees this year. But it doesn't matter, because the Jays won.
New York-San Francisco. Easy choice: I always root for the Mets unless they're actually playing the Yankees.

Texas-Toronto. Easy choice: the Rangers. They still haven't won a Series, and they deserve to. Also see above regarding the Jays.
Boston-Cleveland. I'm a Yankee fan, so I would never root for the Sawx, and it would be awesome if David Ortiz's last postseason ended by losing to the team managed by the guy his team fired. Also Andrew Miller's with the Indians now, and I adore him.

Chicago-wild card. If the Mets win, I'm rooting for them no matter what. But otherwise, I'm totally rooting for the Cubs to go all the way. Besides finally breaking the Cubs' curse, letting them join their fellow Chicagoans and Boston fans, who got to break their droughts last decade, it would also solidify Theo Epstein as a genius. After all, he took a good Red Sox team and made them great; he took a terrible Cubs team and made them great. The latter is more impressive.
Los Angeles-Washington. The only time I ever rooted for the Dodgers is when Don Mattingly managed them. They fired him, so I'm good. Besides, woofiegrrl is a Nats fan. So go Washington!

Well, if it's Boston-Toronto, I'm just gonna hold my nose and root for the Jays. My rooting preferences are Texas, Cleveland, Toronto, Boston.

My rooting preferences are New York, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, root canal, Hurricane Matthew, the apocalypse, Los Angeles.

World Series
Combining the above, my rooting preferences are New York; Chicago; any of Washington, San Francisco, Texas, or Cleveland; Toronto; Los Angeles; Boston. So if it's L.A./Boston, I'm hoping for an earthquake to swallow Chavez Ravine during Game 3 with the series tied at one.
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another signing at NYCC!

In addition to being a fixture at the WordFire Press booth (#1232) all weekend and my signing at the Joe Books booth (#968) on Thursday at 3pm, I will also be joining Jonathan Maberry and a bunch of other people at the IDW booth (#1844). So come on by!
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