October 17th, 2016


fuck the DMV

So back in July, when we were driving home from InConJunction, I got a speeding ticket on I-80 in Pennsylvania. Shit happens, it's a long stretch of nothin', and it's real easy to go over the speed limit. I got the ticket, I paid the ticket, and all was right with the world--

--or so I thought. While the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania saw fit to alert the State of New York that I got the speeding ticket, it was a bit more dilatory in informing them that I paid it. As a result I got a notice in the mail saying my license would be suspended due to non-payment of the ticket.

Except I did pay the ticket, and so armed with receipt of same, I went to the DMV on Fordham Road on Friday morning. I arrived to be told to go onto the traffic violations line, waited patiently, got to the front, and was informed that that was the wrong line. *headdesk*

I go to the main kiosk, get a number, and sit and wait until the number is called, and go to the clerk, who informs me that she can't enter that information into the computer, I have to call Albany after she faxes the paperwork to them. It being Friday, I can't call Albany until Monday.

So this morning, I call them, I navigate the menus, and finally get where I need to go, and then I'm told, "Due to high call volume, you call cannot be answered at this time." That's it -- not put on hold, not asked to enter my phone number so they can call me back, not given advice on when to call back, just cut off. I tried twice more, just to be sure, but no such luck.


With all respect to my friends and family who live in Pennsylvania, the whole fucking state can fall in a goddamn hole right now.
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changes the MCU made to Luke Cage from the comics

I've put together a guide to how Netflix's Luke Cage differs from Marvel Comics's Luke Cage over on Tor.com. Check it out!

An excerpt:

In both comics and TV, Shades and Commanche are a couple of ex-cons who were with Carl Lucas at Seagate. In the comics, the pair later got out and became super-villains, Shades with a visor that fired a beam of force, Commanche a low-rent Hawkeye with a bow and arrow. The two are also, basically, morons. They are among the most inept of foes, not much more than cannon fodder for more talented bad guys. Shades later went straight and became a community organizer, and was killed by Bullseye, though his son became the new Power Man.

Pretty much the only thing the MCU Shades has in common with the comics’ version is being a fellow Seagate inmate of Lucas’s. Not that this is a bad thing. Shades was a pretty nowhere character in the comics, but Theo Rossi’s version on Netflix is the series’ breakout character. He’s Harlem’s Wormtongue, playing kingmaker by trying to align himself with a winner, whether it’s Diamondback, Cottonmouth, or Mariah.
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