October 28th, 2016


Holy Rewatch Batman! "Black Widow Strikes Again"/"Caught in the Spider's Den"

It's Tallulah Bankhead's final role as she takes on Batman and Robin as the Black Widow. Helluva legacy, that.... The Bat-rewatch does "The Black Widow Strikes Again"/"Caught in the Spider's Den."

An excerpt:
And it’s a rare showcase for Burt Ward, as he actually does a decent job mimicking Bankhead’s facial mannerisms when the Widow is disguised as Robin. Plus, Robin gets to make Batman sing “I’m Called Little Buttercup” from HMS Pinafore, which is a crowning moment of awesome for the Boy Wonder—probably the only such moment in this version of the character’s entire history. (Luckily, we also have him standing around with his thumb up his butt while Batman is paralyzed rather than actually, y’know, stopping the Widow himself, or at least moving toward her, plus he gets captured easily by the henchmen twice, just to remind us that yes, he’s still the sidekick...) Adam West beautifully plays the docile, mind-controlled Batman (politely asking for milk, gently urging the henchmen to let him play solitaire alone, gamely singing for Robin). And Alfred gets to be brilliant, which is always fun.
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