November 7th, 2016


more on Dr. Strange

When I put up my new rankings of the MCU films this past weekend, I realized that Dr. Strange was tied for seventh with Guardians of the Galaxy, which seems low for something I said was in the upper-mid-range. But that's not really an indictment of the newest movie so much as it is a testament to how good the six films above it are.

And Strange did have a few flaws. The opening bit with him playing the "identify the song" game felt like a weak-tea riff on the Awesome Mix Tape from Guardians of the Galaxy, especially since it was only referred to once again after the opening (though him identifying the Bob Seger song "Katmandu" made me laugh out loud). Strange is being played as yet another snarky white guy, because we don't have enough of those in the MCU (Tony Stark, Scott Lang, Peter Quill). And the sling ring may be the single most idiotic thing in a Marvel movie. Seriously, we've got these people who can do all kinds of nifty magical things -- but make sure they have their +5 ring of portal-opening, or they're in big trouble! *sigh* It feels like a plot point that was introduced for the sole purpose of marketing sling rings, which wouldn't bother me so much if they weren't so utterly stupid (and with such a dumb name!).

Plus in Mads Mikkelsen's spectacularly uninteresting Kaecilius we have the latest in a series of MCU movie villains who are forgettable and uninteresting, which has been true of pretty much all of the ones not played by Tom Hiddleston or Jeff Bridges. (Kaecilius was never a particularly major villain in Strange's rogues gallery anyhow.) We get a brief appearance by Dormmamu, and I like the fact that Strange defeats Dormmamu with a bargain just like he did when he first faced him in Strange Tales #127, but Dormmamu is just a CGI monster that is even less interesting than Kaecilius. At least the post-credits scene promises a much stronger villain in the next film...................

These, I hasten to add, are the reasons why I don't rate the film higher than, say, Iron Man or Thor or The Avengers or any Captain America film. *grin* It's still a delight, and a nifty film that I enjoyed immensely and that I want to see again.
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