November 9th, 2016


no matter what happens tonight....

...and it looks like that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, I can say only this:

The only thing I can do is continue to do what I've been doing. I will continue to write things that bring people joy. I will continue to write about interesting characters who don't necessarily conform to the norms. I will continue to write hopeful stories about people who fight for what is right, even when that fight is difficult. I will continue to write about women and brown-skinned people and non-Christians and all the different types of people that live in the universe.

And I will continue to teach. I will continue to work with children in the hopes that the discipline and the philosophies of respect and self-improvement that I teach them will turn them into better citizens of the world.

I will continue to be the long-haired hippie weirdo freak writer and karate teacher.

And Wrenn and Dale and I will continue to make our home into a haven for our friends and family and tribe. We will continue to feed people and welcome people and shelter people and provide hospitality to them that need it and them that don't.

It may not be much. But it's what I can do to beat back the darkness. And the alternative is to give in, and fuck that noise.

I will still be me.
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we will probably survive this

Long term, the U.S. will survive. We've survived the country being sundered, we've survived natural disasters, we've survived world wars, we've survived attacks on our soil.

Short term, we're probably seriously fucked. Surviving as a country is one thing, but I'm genuinely scared for the individual lives that will be lost by the free pass that a Trump presidency will give (real or imagined) to bigots and predators who wish to be violent toward their targets, and by the people (like me and Wrenn) who will lose their health insurance, and by the people whose lives will be lost in any war that we get involved in because our president has no self-control.

The only way we get through the next four years is if Trump proves incapable of working even with a Republican Congress and nothing actually gets done. I don't expect this (though it would be in character), but I see it as our only avenue to individual survival.
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