December 3rd, 2016


Holy Rewatch Batman! "Ring Around the Riddler"

Batman vs. the Riddler in the ring for no compellingly good reason! It's the fight of no century as the Bat-rewatch does "Ring Around the Riddler."

An excerpt:
It’s very rare that a TV show does a boxing episode and that episode winds up being good. There are occasional exceptions, but mostly it’s just painfully bad, and this is one of the most egregious examples ever. I mean, seriously, why did anyone think it was a good idea to do an episode featuring Batman boxing against the villain when the villain in question is the 5’8″ Gorshin? (Batman even remarked on it, commenting that Riddler is shorter than Robin, which is strictly speaking not true, Burt Ward is actually half an inch shorter than Gorshin, but we’ll let it go.)
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