December 7th, 2016


2006 vs. 2016

So there's this meme going around where you post a picture of yourself in 2006 and yourself in 2016. I actually found pictures of me in each year playing music on stage with the Boogie Knights, wearing the same garb in both cases -- at Lunacon in '06 and at Farpoint in '16.

See if you can figure out which is which. (It's actually fairly easy....)

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    "This is Where I Get Off" by Robbie Robertson

midweek music: "Here We Come a-Wassailing"

My favorite version of this carol is the one done by the Christmas Revels, but I can't seem to find that on the Tube of You, so I'll settle for my favorite brass band's version. Here's Canadian Brass with "Here We Come a-Wassailing."

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    "Here We Come a-Wassailing" by Canadian Brass