December 19th, 2016


my Sunday feeling (on a Monday)

Yesterday was a little crazy -- so much so that I didn't even have time to write this blog entry. There was a karate tournament in the morning, and I helped judge that, then I had to come home to do all the work. I'm still trying to finish up the editing on Star Trek: Prometheus Book 2, and I've got a ton of writing to do for, as I'm creating content that will go up the week between Christmas and New Years. I haven't done all of it yet, but I'm making progress. I was up until 1.30am working, napped until 3.45am, then worked until 6.30am. Yay freelance life! (Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh....)

The plan for today is to work on more of the stuff and finish up Prometheus, with a break in the middle for teaching karate, my last class of the semester for the Inwood kids. Then back home and back to work.

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