December 20th, 2016

TOS Rewatch

Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch: "More Tribbles, More Troubles"

The tribbles are back and the Klingons are PISSED! And both of them are inexplicably pink. (Well, okay, it's explicable: Hal Sutherland was color blind.) David Gerrold provides the animated sequel to his immensely popular live-action episode as the TOS Rewatch gets "More Tribbles, More Troubles."

An excerpt:
This is a fun little sequel, though a few of the beats are a bit too repetitive. I mean, the tribbles get all over the ship, though less entertainingly than they did the first time, they fall all over Kirk, they’re beamed to Koloth’s ship at the end, and there’s a twist that changes the tenor of the story, in this case that Jones stole the glommer.
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