December 28th, 2016


Holy Rewatch Batman! Extra: Batgirl and Wonder Woman promo shorts

Continuing our look at stuff related to Batman 66 and Star Trek as we close out both shows' 50th anniversary, a gander at the promo shorts that William Dozier put together featuring Batgirl (to show the network how awesome an addition to the cast Yvonne Craig would be in season three) and Wonder Woman (as a pitch for a WW TV series that, thankfully, failed).

An excerpt:
If you ever believe that there is no justice in this world, think on this: nobody made a TV series based on this promo. Which proves that there are smart, intelligent people even in Hollywood. Because there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this concept whatsoever. Reimagining Wonder Woman as a barely competent hero with a nagging mother is an idea that is bone-stupid on every possible level. It’s hard to believe that the William Dozier who gave us Batgirl, Catwoman, Marsha Queen of Diamonds, and Zelda the Great, not to mention Casey and several other strong female characters on The Green Hornet, would stoop to this pair of horrendous stereotypes.
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