December 29th, 2016

TOS Rewatch

Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch/Holy Rewatch Batman! Extra: Alexander the Great

We conclude our look at ancillary bits of Trek and Bat-lore with something that's both: the 1964 Alexander the Great pilot starring William Shatner and Adam West. The course of pop culture would've been waaaaaaaaaaaaay different if this had been picked up for a series. It's a special TOS Rewatch/Bat-rewatch feature!

An excerpt:
Worse, though, is that I watch and find myself on Karonos’s side. Alexander’s insistence on plunging forward into a war with Darius in order to achieve peace is, frankly, lunacy, and is the reason why he’s standing over a lot of corpses at the end. Shatner tries very hard to make Alexander noble and patriotic, but he’s not at all convincing. It’s a very superficial performance, though he’s not alone in that. The great Joseph Cotten does surprisingly little to make Antigonus interesting, John Cassavetes has no charisma as Karonos, and the less said about Ziva Rodann’s Ada the better.
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