January 21st, 2017

dragon precinct

support The Best of Bad-Ass Faeries

Nifty new project from eSpec Books on Kickstarter: The Best of Bad-Ass Faeries, edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, which will include a reprint of my story in the first BAF anthology, "House Arrest," a Dragon Precinct story. My other BAF story, the Cassie Zukav tale "Undine the Boardwalk," is one of the stretch goals.

There are also stories by a bunch of other cool folks:
    From Bad-Ass Faeries:
    Koscienski & Chris Pisano: "The Ballad of the Seven-Up Sprite"
    Keith R.A. DeCandido: "House Arrest"
    Adam P. Knave: "Futuristic Cybernetic Faerie Assassin Hassballah"
    Jesse Harris: "Hidden in the Folds"

    From Just Plain Bad:
    James Chambers: "Way of the Bone"
    C.J. Henderson: "Do You Believe?"
    Danielle Ackley-McPhail: "Within the Guardian Bell"
    John Passarella: "Twilight Crossing"
    Jeffrey Lyman: "Grimm Necessity"
    Bernie Mojzes: "Moonshine"

    From In All Their Glory:
    L. Jagi Lamplighter: "A Not-So-Silent Night"
    John L. French: "So Many Deaths"
    James Daniel Ross: "The Natural-Born Spy"
    Robert E. Waters: "At The Grasshopper's Hill"
    Kelly A. Harmon: "Selkskin Deep"

    From It's Elemental:
    D.L. Thurston: "The Face of the Serpent"
    Patrick Thomas: "Looking a Gift Horse"
    Jody Lynn Nye: "Fifteen Percent"
    Lee C. Hillman: "Bad Blood"
    N.R. Brown: "Melia's Best Wave"

So go! Back it!
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