March 13th, 2017


Holy Rewatch Batman! "Penguin's Clean Sweep"

Penguin is all about the money in Burgess Meredith's swan song. The Bat-rewatch gets caught in "Penguin's Clean Sweep."

An excerpt:
Using the portable bat-lab (kept in a blue case handily labelled, “PORTABLE BAT-LAB”), Batman discovers that the latest batch of moolah has the bacterium for Lygerian sleeping sickness mixed into the ink. According to the guard, a shipment of money was sent to the Gotham National Bank after Penguin’s break-in. Batgirl heads to the bank while Batman and Robin go to the hospital to obtain the vaccine for Lygerian sleeping sickness. (How a batch of money managed to actually be printed and put into circulation when the entire staff has been unconscious since Penguin broke in is also left as an exercise for the viewer.)
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dead kitchen radio

Dead Kitchen Radio Volume 2 Episode 3: Tales of Shirley Holmes and Jack Watson

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my I-Con 32 schedule

I will be at I-Con 32 in Brentwood, New York this coming weekend. Please note that I'll only be there Saturday and Sunday. Here's my schedule:

4-5pm: "Genre Writing for Different Media," w/David Gerrold, Christopher Golden, Daniel Knauf, and James A. Moore (HSEC Lecture Hall)
5.30-6.30pm: "Greatest Superhero Martial Artists," w/Patrick Kennedy and Ric Meyers (HSEC A114)

10-11am: autographing (HSEC signing area)
11am-noon: "The Final Frontier in Four Colors: Star Trek in Comics," w/Peter David, David Gerrold, and Glenn Hauman (HSEC A122)
4-5pm: "Why We Love Sci-Fi," w/Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, David Gerrold, and Ian Randal Strock (HSEC Auxiliary Gym)
5-6pm: reading (HSEC A124)

I'm currently scheduled for an autographing, but it's also Sunday at 11am, and I'm waiting to see how that is going to be resolved, as I can't be in two places at once.............................

EDITED TO ADD: They moved my autographing to 10am........
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