March 18th, 2017

mermaid precinct

Kickstarter for Mermaid Precinct

I'm finally writing Mermaid Precinct -- but I need your help! I've started up a Kickstarter to support the writing and publishing of the book, which I'm hoping to have done by the fall. It's been way too long since Gryphon Precinct, and it's past time we looked back in on Torin and Danthres.

There are lots of spiffy rewards, so please do check it out and support the latest novel in my series of high fantasy police procedurals, as the detectives of the Cliff's End Castle Guard have to solve the murder of the Pirate Queen.

Please note that there's an early backer discount -- if you support in the first few days, you can get the book or eBook for less!

So check it out!
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