March 31st, 2017


my review of Iron Fist season 1

On, I review Iron Fist season 1 from Marvel and Netflix, and it's the least of the Netflix corner of the MCU, sadly. Put it this way, the title is "An Action Hero without Action or Heroism."

An excerpt:
Here’s the biggest issue with Iron Fist: this is a character whose entire raison d’être is that he’s the living weapon, a superhero whose primary MO is martial arts (with the added bonus of the occasional glowy fist). The character was specifically created to cash in on the kung-fu craze of the 1970s that was spearheaded by Bruce Lee’s overwhelming popularity.

So you’d think the martial arts aspect would be better represented. The fight choreography is remarkably pedestrian and ordinary. We got better fight scenes in Daredevil—hell, we get better fight scenes in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Finn Jones didn’t have any martial arts training prior to being cast in this role, and it shows. At times, he moves very well, at other times he looks awkward and ridiculous. At no point does he carry himself in a manner that suggests that he’s a living weapon.

A perfect example: in episode 6, one of his three fights is against Scimitar (based on a villain who debuted in the first Iron Fist comics series) played by David Sakurai. At one point, Danny retreats. That part is fine, but he does so by turning his back on Scimitar and running into the next room with all the catwalks.

At that point, I’m screaming at the screen. I teach a kids sparring class every week at the dojo where I train, and one of the things I’m constantly telling the kids is never to turn your back on your opponent. You need to keep your eye on the person trying to hurt you as much as is humanly possible. That goes double if the opponent is carrying a big-ass blade in his hand. This is basic Sparring 101 stuff, and the fight choreographers couldn’t even get that right.
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Holy Rewatch Batman! "The Joker's Flying Saucer"

The title says it all, more's the pity. Cesar Romero's swan song is a sad disappointment, as the Bat-rewatch encounters "The Joker's Flying Saucer."

An excerpt:
We see the newest absurdly specific device in the Batcave: the Current Criminal Activity Bat-Disclosure Unit, which apparently provides the details from the script of the episode they’re in. Also our heroes have taken to wearing Anti-Thermal Bat-T-Shirts under their costumes, which protect them from the bomb blast, er, somehow. With the Batmobile buried under rubble, our heroes get to use the Bat-cycle to drive to the Bat-copter. However, the Batmobile bomb-detector seems to be on the fritz, since it totally misses the bomb that was placed in the Batmobile...
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