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she rides!

My very first Disney story, the first issue of Cars: The Adventures of Tow Mater #1, has been sent off to my editors at BOOM! for their editorial meat axe.

I've been a Pixar fan since Toy Story's release 15 years ago, and they've yet to let me down. Being able to play in their sandbox is a huge honor, and I hope I live up to it.

With the caveat that I have no idea if this exchange will survive the aforementioned editorial meat axe, here's a quick dialogue exchange between Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen:

MATER: In fact, I recall it like it was yesterday!

LIGHTNING: Uh, Mater, it was yesterday.

MATER: That's why!

The issue will come out in July, so it's a good thing I finally wrote it. *sheepish grin* Tomorrow, it's back to the D&D book....

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