Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical) wrote,
Keith R.A. DeCandido

From Twitter 05-05-2010

  • 01:46:47: On the blog: Spoilery thoughts about tonight's LOST.
  • 09:45:45: RT @DavidAlanMack: OPENING THIS WEEKEND: 4 new Wal-Marts, Rush Limbaugh's mouth, Lindsay Lohan's legs, and IRON MAN 2. I only care about ...
  • 10:23:44: Okay, I didn't finish the #Cars script, but I made good progress. Should finish it today. No, really! @Aaron_Sparrow put down that hammer!
  • 10:36:09: @edonald Excellent! Glad to be of service. RT My son is totally impressed that I know the guy writing for CARS, btw. I get coolness points.
  • 20:04:43: @edonald Yay! RT And we survive.
  • 20:35:47: On the blog: new in-review episode of @chronic_rift and last month's "Couch Potato Salad" review of #Justified
  • 20:40:56: From the work in progress: MATER: In fact, I recall it like it was yesterday! LIGHTNING: Uh, Mater, it WAS yesterday. MATER: That's why!
  • 20:43:22: I second that. @daytonward @nightwolfwriter Yep, the guys from Sci Fi Diner are very cool. :)
  • 20:43:42: I'd say you've earned it! :) @edonald @trillsie Oh, I am absolutely grabbing a beer once the spawn is in bed.
  • 20:46:28: He'd better, or @DavidAlanMack will strangle him.... @Nightwolfwriter @daytonward You are coming to Shore Leave, correct?
  • 20:47:13: Yeah, I saw that. Poo. @Nightwolfwriter Well, looks like I'll be moderating my kendo for a while after the doc went over the MRI today.
  • 20:52:54: I have 299 followers. Wondering if I should give a prize to the 300th.
  • 20:53:40: Also creeping up on my 500th tweet. I have 12 tweets to come up with something memorable to commemorate this wholly pointless occasion.
  • 22:04:04: @daytonward Dude, you screw with the roast in any way and my money's on @DavidAlanMack no question. :)

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