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new Corps of Engineers cover!

In July and August, Pocket will be releasing the next two Star Trek: Corps of Engineers trade paperbacks, releasing for the first time in print form the stories that were originally released as eBooks, chronicling the adventures of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers on the U.S.S. da Vinci.

For August, we'll get What's Past, a series of stories that flash back to earlier times in the lives of our friends in the S.C.E., with guest stars from all across the Trek spectrum. (The eBooks were originally published in 2006, and What's Past was, in part, a celebration of Trek's 40th anniversary.) The last story in the volume is my own "Many Splendors."

The stories include:

"Progress" by Terri Osborne (terri_osborne) -- a story of Captain Gold's previous command, also featuring TNG's Dr. Pulaski and a young woman named Sarjenka (TNG's "Pen Pals").

"The Future Begins" by Steve Mollmann (steve_mollmann) & Michael Schuster (michaelschuster) -- the story of how Scotty got from where we saw him at the end of "Relics" to heading up the S.C.E., also featuring TNG's Geordi La Forge and Admiral Nechayev, DS9's Admiral Ross, New Frontier's Robin Lefler and Morgan Primus, and more.

"Echoes of Coventry" by Richard C. White nightwolfwriter) -- a mission of Bart Faulwell's during the Dominion War when he worked as a cryptographer for Starfleet Intelligence, also featuring TNG's Admiral Marta Batanides.

"Distant Early Warning" by Dayton Ward (daytonward) & Kevin Dilmore -- a story of the 23rd-century Corps of Engineers as the U.S.S. Lovell is sent to Starbase 47, a.k.a. Vanguard, to aid in its construction -- this is a prequel to the popular Star Trek: Vanguard novel series.

"10 is Better than 01" by Heather Jarman -- a look at the planet Bynaus, first seen in TNG's "11001001," as we find out why 110 (the future Soloman) and 111 joined the S.C.E.

"Many Splendors" by Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical) -- the full story of the romance between Sonya Gomez and Kieran Duffy on the Enterprise-D, a story that runs through four seasons of TNG from the perspective of the engineering crew.

I'm quite pleased with "Many Splendors" -- four years on, I think it holds up as a nice look at the events of TNG from a singular POV, to wit, that of the engineers. Pretty much every engineer we ever saw on the show turns up in the tale, plus we finally get the backstory on Gomez and Duffy that has been a major underpinning of the entire series.

Check it out when it goes on sale in August!

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