Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical) wrote,
Keith R.A. DeCandido

From Twitter 05-07-2010

  • 01:25:51: This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
  • 10:23:28: #FF @raven1967 @harmalicious @JLSigman @sarahbethdurst @allyngibson @trillsie @JayAndrewSmith @Deyaniera @NatalieJumper
  • 10:26:23: #FF #Farscape #comics @Rockne_S @DavidAlanMack @WillSliney @calebisdrawing @ibrill @Joe_Corroney @boomstudios @rossrichie
  • 11:15:14: #FF writers @LAGilman @daytonward @kevindilmore @Saraphina_Marie @ChristophGolden @edonald @bobgreenberger @reudaly @NightWolfWriter
  • 16:25:44: #FF #comics @KurtBusiek @MarkWaid @roquesdoodle @amymebberson @declanshalvey @alanjporter @Comixace @calreid @comicmix
  • 16:26:38: #FF @boomstudios @dafnap @ibrill @rossrichie @chipmosher @Aaron_Sparrow @MarkWaid @KatetheShark @SeanaLyn
  • 18:16:55: @blaquesaber My podcasts: for @chronic_rift and for @HG_World
  • 19:48:01: RT @chronic_rift: Giving Farscape another go. First episode tonight.
  • 20:24:37: @edonald YAY for restoration of lost data! :throws confetti:
  • 20:32:28: #FF #baseball @PB_Steve @PeteAbe @RiverAveBlues @KenTremendous @LoHudYankees @YESKimJones
  • 20:33:38: After all that, I zoomed by 500 tweets without noticing. It was one of the #FF posts. So please, follow those people. They deserve it.
  • 20:34:55: Working on the next #Cars #comics pitch for #5-8 of CARS: THE ADVENTURES OF TOW MATER, coming from @boomstudios, November- February.
  • 20:39:09: @edonald Enjoy! Can't wait to hear your thoughts! RT Knocking off early to catch IRON MAN 2 with the spawn.
  • 23:46:37: On the blog: new cover & info for STAR TREK: CORPS OF ENGINEERS: WHAT'S PAST, w/my "Many Splendors," on sale in August.
  • 23:52:37: @blaquesaber If you mean WHAT'S PAST, not as such. But you should be able to follow along. RT does the novel start with a characters log?

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