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tweets from 1989

There's been a meme going around Twitter called Tweets from 1989. If you go to and search for posts with the hashtag #tweetsfrom1989 you'll find a bunch of hilarious 140-character comments people might have made 21 years ago. These will be mixed in with the Twitter dump that shows up on the blog every day, but I thought I'd post them separately for entertainment value.

I have to wait til Tues to talk to the prof, since that's when office hours are, and there's NO OTHER WAY to get in touch...

Really enjoy the cut-and-paste layout of the college paper, but rumor has it we'll be laying it out on a computer soon...

I love my daisy wheel printer! Not as fast as a dot-matrix, but it looks like a real typewriter!

I hear that the next generation of modems will be 900 baud!

Shatner directing the fifth TREK movie? With Capt. Kirk himself directing, it's guaranteed to be the best TREK movie ever!

Michael Keaton as Batman? Seriously, Mr. Mom as Batman? That movie will NEVER be successful.

NBC will always be the top network in the country.

The Atlanta Braves will always find ways to lose.

Rudy Giuliani will obviously never be elected to any public office.

I should explain that last one, which is my favorite. Rudolph Giuliani started out as a prosecutor, and that was how he made his name, originally. He attempted to parlay that into a political career, which failed in 1989 when he lost the race for mayor against David Dinkins. He pretended to be liberal or pretended to be a Republican, depending on who you asked, but after that election, his political career was something of a joke to a lot of people -- including me. I made fun of his political ambitions in the paper, the Fordham University newspaper I was one of the editors of.

He proved me wrong four years later, of course....

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