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"Otherworld Art" at the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art

From 21 May - 5 June, the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art will be running an exhibit entitled "Otherworld Art," which will showcase a dozen of the finest science fiction/fantasy illustrators working today -- among them such award-winning talents as Bob Eggleton, John Picacio, Donato Giancola, Larry Dixon, Tom Canty, Bruce Jensen, Jim Burns, Cliff Nielsen, John Harris, Stephan Martiniere, Gary Lippincott, and more -- with more than one hundred pieces of their artwork displayed digitally on SGDA's screens. The exhibit is curated by international best-selling and award-winning author Keith R.A. DeCandido.

Yes, that's right, I'm a curator now. *grin* I assembled this exhibit, and I'm quite proud of how it's turning out. The great thing about displaying the art digitally is that we can display over a hundred pieces without having to worry about shipping and stuff, and you can still appreciate the work of some of the finest folks in our genre.

High-quality prints will be available for the duration of the exhibit's run, at prices ranging from $75-300.

The opening-night reception for the exhibit will be on Friday 21 May at SGDA at 6.30pm. For more information, go to SGDA's web site.

Also, for those of you going to SGDA's simulcast of the Nebula Awards this weekend a preview of 32 pieces from the exhibit will be showing on the gallery's screens during the banquet.

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