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Sorry the lack of posts, but life has been crazy hereabouts and isn't going to let up anytime soon.

I'm doing Census work, which is about 30 hours a week or so, involving supervising a crew that's enumerating a neighborhood in the Bronx. Response rate has been better than I feared, but not as good as I hoped. We're not even halfway done yet, so this is gonna go on for at least another couple of weeks.

I've got to write the D&D novel. It's due in one month and two days and I've written 16,000 words on it. I need to step that up.

I've also got to squeeze out another Cars script before 26 May. Farscape, at least, I'm ahead of schedule on, so I can take a pause there.

I'm supposed to get a gallery exhibit opened next Friday, too.

Also there's some personal stuff happening that's very very very very good, but also very stressful.

So -- yeah. Wheeeeeee.....

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